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[30 Jan 2010 | | ]

TweetShareThis motivational speech was presented at Delta College, Bay City, Michigan, and Wednesday, January 20, 2010.  We felt the information contained within this speech would be beneficial to families throughout the world. Please enjoy reading the inspirational information.  The audience consisted of college students and teachers. The speech was modified for the website.
 It’s a tremendous honor to celebrate with you a great leader Martin Luther King (MLK) who is now with many of our great ancestors.
Martin Luther King lived and died for the freedom of all mankind.  His heart was …

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[17 Jan 2010 | | ]

TweetShareThis is a testimonial about Betty recognizing the need to improve her relationship with her sister.
Betty’s Testimonial
I learned a lot from the Keys to Success Class (Anger Management). I leaned that if you only store negativity in your piggy bank (brain) then you will be a negative person. You must store good and positive things in your piggy bank to be a good person. When you have good things stored, it’s easier to control your attitude and temper.

“I really needed to work on getting along with my sister.”

There is …

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[24 Dec 2009 | | ]
How to Build Relationship With Your Child?

TweetShareParenting is very challenging because each child has their own unique needs. The best approach to meeting the needs of each child is to build a relationship with them from the time they are born until they leave this world. You should always consider how your actions will negatively or positively impact the development of the relationship. Here are 12 steps every parent should consider in building a relationship with their child.

Step 1 Respect: Every parent should Respect their children in front of others regardless of their behavior. This will …