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[25 Nov 2015 | | ]
Forgiveness Can Heal A Broken Heart

 (Genesis 50:15-20, 1 Kings 8:50, Matthew 6:14-15, Mark 11:25, Luke 17:3-2)
Devotional: by Billy J  Strawter, Sr.
 Points to Ponder

 You must let go of the bitterness you have in your heart toward those who have hurt you (Genesis 50:15-17).
Do not hold grudges against those that are jealous of you but forgive them and you will have joy in your life (Genesis 50:18-20)
You must forgive people who sin against you just like you expect God to forgive you (1 King 8:50).
If you don’t forgive people who violated your trust, God will not forgive …

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[22 Aug 2015 | | ]

TweetShareDevotional:  1 King 19:1-18
Have you every been in the midst of a storm and felt nothing but hopelessness. You are not alone and I hope and pray you will be encouraged by this devotional.  You must always trust God while you are in the midst of your storm.
Points to Ponder

Sometimes an un-expected storm will come in our lives (1King 19:1-2).
There may be a time when the storm (hopelessness, stress, depression, self-doubt) of life will get the best of us (1 King 19:3-4).
God will provide spiritual nourishments during the storm in our …

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[29 Sep 2012 | | ]
Touching the Hearts of Teenagers

TweetShareTouching the Hearts of Teenagers
 Listed below is a true story about an interaction I had with teenagers in a Juvenile Detention Center. I had an opportunity to volunteer my time in a Juvenile Detention Center for 22 years. Working with troubled teenagers changed my career.  Now, I am working with parents, teens, teachers and youth workers to provide strategies to connect with teenagers in the 21st century. Listed below is a story taken from my book Behind the Eyes of Juvenile Delinquents. 
How quickly a heart can be touched
I had an …

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[6 Jul 2011 | | ]
Our Secret Place

TweetShareWhen I read “Our Secret Place” it really touched my heart. It was written by my sister and it inspired me to share it with my followers. Please enjoy and let God speaks to you.
Our Secret Place
By Shirley Strawter
I met with God today in our secret place. It had been awhile since I had been there. I made up in my mind that this morning would be another morning that I would get up, and get out just to walk again. In the process of walking, my heart began …

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[18 Apr 2011 | | ]
A Fantastic Journey into Jerusalem

TweetShareWe must not forget the sacrifices Jesus Christ made for the
world. He suffered and willingly gave up his life for us. His love for us is
greater than we deserved. I am personally thankful that Jesus made a fantastic
journey into Jerusalem. Jesus has blessed me, my family, and friends during
difficult times. I’m eternally grateful of Jesus commitment to all people. His
mercy and grace give us another opportunity to repent of our sins and he will
forgive us.  I hope you will enjoy this inspirational message (Audio file: A Fantastic Journey Into Jerusalem)

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[26 Nov 2010 | | ]
Family And Friends Too Selfish to See The Needs of Other

TweetShareI don’t know the frequency in which I have read John 5:1-15, but each time I meditate on those scriptures, God seems to give me additional insight. This story is about an invalid at the pool of Bethesda.
Each year, the Lord would send an angel to the pool to perform physical healing for those able to get into the pool. John 5:3 says, “Here a great number of disabled people used to lie the blind, the lame, the paralyzed. One who was there had been an invalid for 38 years.” …

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[31 Jul 2010 | | ]
Shall We Gather At The River

TweetShareI had to share this poem with our followers.  The poem was written by Arlene (mom).  My wife and I have adopted Arlene as our mom.  She lives in Tennessee and she sends us a card every month to encourage us.  She never fails to send holiday greeting cards nor birthday cards.  She prays for us every day and we know mom will see her creator soon.  I can personally feel it in mom’s poem.  We have missed our parents because they are in heaven.  However, God has given us …

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[24 Jul 2010 | | ]
Husband and Wife Half Truths Lead To Potential Disaster

TweetShareGenesis 20:1-17
This post is about Abraham and Sarah’s half truths that impacted the life of people in a negative manner.
Points to Ponder

God will continue to guide and protect us on our life’s journey (Genesis 20:1).
There are times when knowledge can lead us to make wrong choices (Genesis 20:2).
When a half truth is told, it can severely impact the lives of others (Genesis 20:3).
God will reveal to the innocent the wrong choices they have made (Genesis 20:4-6).
There are times when God must put fear in our lives for us to change …

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[1 Jul 2010 | | ]

TweetShareThis updated post focuses on how important it is for you to forgive those that hurt you to the core of your heart.  When you forgive, it will help you to maintain your Faith. It will give you strength to overcome Obstacles. It gives you the ability to Repent when you are wrong. It guides you closer to God and it will prevent an Infection of hatred from flourishing in your life.  When you forgive, you will also have Victory over your own life without others influencing you in a …

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[21 Jun 2010 | | ]
Daughters Committed Incest With Their Father

TweetShareThis bible study focuses on the wrong choices a father made and the impact it had on his family especially his daughters.
(Genesis 19:30-38)
Points to Ponder

Wrong choices can lead the family in the wrong direction (Genesis19:30).
You must take time to reflect on your circumstances in order to make the right decisions (Genesis19:30).
Making too many wrong choices can lead to fear, stress, and emotional disaster (Genesis19:31).
There are individuals that occasionally engage in sinful actions to justify preserving their family which leads to disaster and disrespect of the Word of God (Genesis19:32).
Thinking in …