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[23 Dec 2012 | | ]
Teenagers Share What They Learned To Do Differently After Attending An Anger Management Class

TweetShareHere are comments from teenagers that attended the Keys to Success Anger Management Class. It’s always amazing to me how teenagers know what they need to do but often times ignore making the right choices. I haven’t met many teenagers who don’t sincerely regret the wrong choices they have made.  It’s our responsibility to forgive them and help to do better in the future.

What did you learn from the Anger Management Class?

I learned easier ways to handle situations, how to control your attitude and actions and to have a positive …

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[2 Oct 2012 | | ]
Teenagers’ Reflections on What They Like About Their Teachers

TweetShareTeenagers’ Reflections on What They Like About Their Teachers
Adolescences seem to have a variety of opinions relative to their experiences with teachers. This article focuses on the positive experiences teens’ encountered with their teachers.  Teachers play an important part of teens’ lives and teachers have a great influence on teens’ lives in positive and negative manners. It’s critical for teachers to invest words of encouragement instead of discouragement in teens’ lives. Teachers are great assets to teens, society, and should never neglect to build a strong professional relationship with their …

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[29 Sep 2012 | | ]
Touching the Hearts of Teenagers

TweetShareTouching the Hearts of Teenagers
 Listed below is a true story about an interaction I had with teenagers in a Juvenile Detention Center. I had an opportunity to volunteer my time in a Juvenile Detention Center for 22 years. Working with troubled teenagers changed my career.  Now, I am working with parents, teens, teachers and youth workers to provide strategies to connect with teenagers in the 21st century. Listed below is a story taken from my book Behind the Eyes of Juvenile Delinquents. 
How quickly a heart can be touched
I had an …

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[16 Sep 2012 | | ]
Teenagers Journey in Anger Management and Critical Thinking Classes

TweetShareTeenagers Journey in Anger Management and Critical Thinking Classes
As parents, we sometimes fail to recognize the complexity of adolescences lives. Every day many of our youngsters deal with issues we didn’t face as teenagers.  For example, we weren’t apprehensive about our friends posting private information on social media, bullying and epidemic of divorce in society, and traveling to different parents’ homes as result of the divorce. They are subject to different rules which cause conflict within their hearts. The lack of stability in the family is destroying many teens and …

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[11 Sep 2012 | | ]
Parents  Feel  Angry, Betrayed, Disappointed and Hurt When Teenagers Don’t Tell the Truth

TweetShareParents Feel  Angry, Betrayed, Disappointed and Hurt When Teenagers Don’t Tell The Truth
Parenting teenagers can be very challenging sometimes as they seek their independence. Sometimes parents wonder did they received the right baby from the hospital because the child is disconnected from the family. It’s amazing as parents observe their children grow up they wonder what will they become as an adult. The greatest hope is for their teenagers to be protected from emotional scares and the desire for the youngsters to be very successful. Suddenly, a great storm arises …

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[4 Sep 2012 | | ]
Mothers and Fathers Share Reasons Children Don’t Tell Parents the Truth When Teens Are in Trouble

TweetShareMothers and Fathers Share Reasons Children Don’t Tell Parents the Truth When Teens Are in Trouble
I wrote a previous article on “Why Children Don’t Tell Parents the Truth When in Trouble “. In the article, I focused on teenagers’ perspectives on the issue of not telling the truth. This article contains parents’ perspectives on adolescents’ wiliness not to speak the truth to their mother and father. During the discussion with the parents, they were very engaged in sharing their thoughts regarding the question listed below:
Why teenagers don’t tell parents the …

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[27 Aug 2012 | | ]
Changes Teenagers Need of Their Father to Improve Relationship

TweetShareHave you ever had the desire for someone to change their negative behavior because it was destroying or damaging the relationship? I am quite sure your answer is probably, yes! As a parent, I have made many mistakes but I always valued our teenagers’ perspective on things. Sometimes we disagreed but we did everything we could to prevent damaging the relationship. My greatest desire was to always respect my adolescents’ opinions.
Video: Stategies for a father to improve relationship with their teenager
Listed below are changes teenagers said they needed of their father …

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[23 Aug 2012 | | ]
Teenagers Share Reasons Teenagers Bully

TweetShareTeenagers Share Reasons Teenagers Bully 
During a great discussion with teenagers, we talked about the reasons teenagers bully others. I wanted the teenagers’ perspectives because the teenagers had been bullied or bullied someone or new of someone who had been bullied. Please enjoy the teenagers’ responses listed below. The best way to address bullying is to get behind the eyes of teenagers because they have the information in their brain.
 Why does an individual bully others?
Wilson’s perspective:
Because of the simple fact they don’t have something and the other teenager they are picking …

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[19 Aug 2012 | | ]
Challenges Teenagers Are Facing With Their Parents

TweetShareChallenges Teenagers Are Facing With Their Parents
I had an excellent opportunity to ask a group of teenagers about challenges they are personally facing with their parents. The teenagers were very opened to responding to the question. I do believe they were honest about their feelings. I hope the information contained within this article will assist everyone in understanding the challenges teenagers are facing with their parents. We need to understand the struggles  teenagers are experiencing in life in order to assist the teenagers in their development. Listed below are their responses:
What …

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[31 Jul 2012 | | ]
Number One Thing Parents Do to Push Their Teenagers’ Button

TweetShareTeenagers are awesome in so many ways because they are filled with energy that drives them daily in the decisions they make. Many teens are interested in making right choices but sometime the challenges of life weighs very heavily on them such as education, divorce, poor family relationships, and peer pressure.  There are times teenagers behave in certain manners which sometimes defile logic.
 However, the best approach to understanding the choices teenagers make is to develop an open and honest dialog as you build a relationship with them. In this blog, …