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[27 Aug 2012 | | ]
Changes Teenagers Need of Their Father to Improve Relationship

TweetShareHave you ever had the desire for someone to change their negative behavior because it was destroying or damaging the relationship? I am quite sure your answer is probably, yes! As a parent, I have made many mistakes but I always valued our teenagers’ perspective on things. Sometimes we disagreed but we did everything we could to prevent damaging the relationship. My greatest desire was to always respect my adolescents’ opinions.
Video: Stategies for a father to improve relationship with their teenager
Listed below are changes teenagers said they needed of their father …

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[21 Jun 2010 | | ]
Daughters Committed Incest With Their Father

TweetShareThis bible study focuses on the wrong choices a father made and the impact it had on his family especially his daughters.
(Genesis 19:30-38)
Points to Ponder

Wrong choices can lead the family in the wrong direction (Genesis19:30).
You must take time to reflect on your circumstances in order to make the right decisions (Genesis19:30).
Making too many wrong choices can lead to fear, stress, and emotional disaster (Genesis19:31).
There are individuals that occasionally engage in sinful actions to justify preserving their family which leads to disaster and disrespect of the Word of God (Genesis19:32).
Thinking in …