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[13 Mar 2010 | | ]
The Purpose of Trials and Tribulations

TweetShareJames 1:1-18
Points to Ponder
Have you ever wonder why God’s people go through trials and tribulations? This devotional is designed to help an individual to understand the reasons why people go through trials and tribulations. The study provides insight for an individual to overcome trials and tribulations.

You must remain positive (righteous) during difficult times (James 1:1-2).
You will be gain strength as you go through difficult times (James 1:3).
You must not give up during difficult times, if you want to maintain endurance for the rest of your life (James 1:4).
You must seek wisdom …

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[25 Dec 2009 | | ]

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Christmas A Fantastic Gift From God
(Luke 2:1-20)
Listed below are nine (9) gifts given to us as a result of Christ’s birth. There are many more gifts not listed below. Please enjoy these gifts as you celebrate Christmas.
 Points to Ponder

Christ came to do the will of God to give your family peace and joy (Hebrew 10:5-7).
Heaven is a home prepared for believers (Luke 10:17-20).
Repentance brings rejoicing in  heaven when a sinner …