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[23 Aug 2012 | | ]
Teenagers Share Reasons Teenagers Bully

TweetShareTeenagers Share Reasons Teenagers Bully 
During a great discussion with teenagers, we talked about the reasons teenagers bully others. I wanted the teenagers’ perspectives because the teenagers had been bullied or bullied someone or new of someone who had been bullied. Please enjoy the teenagers’ responses listed below. The best way to address bullying is to get behind the eyes of teenagers because they have the information in their brain.
 Why does an individual bully others?
Wilson’s perspective:
Because of the simple fact they don’t have something and the other teenager they are picking …

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[19 Aug 2012 | | ]
Challenges Teenagers Are Facing With Their Parents

TweetShareChallenges Teenagers Are Facing With Their Parents
I had an excellent opportunity to ask a group of teenagers about challenges they are personally facing with their parents. The teenagers were very opened to responding to the question. I do believe they were honest about their feelings. I hope the information contained within this article will assist everyone in understanding the challenges teenagers are facing with their parents. We need to understand the struggles  teenagers are experiencing in life in order to assist the teenagers in their development. Listed below are their responses:
What …

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[31 Jul 2012 | | ]
Number One Thing Parents Do to Push Their Teenagers’ Button

TweetShareTeenagers are awesome in so many ways because they are filled with energy that drives them daily in the decisions they make. Many teens are interested in making right choices but sometime the challenges of life weighs very heavily on them such as education, divorce, poor family relationships, and peer pressure.  There are times teenagers behave in certain manners which sometimes defile logic.
 However, the best approach to understanding the choices teenagers make is to develop an open and honest dialog as you build a relationship with them. In this blog, …

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[16 Mar 2011 | | ]
Teenagers Share How An Anger Management Class Impacted Their Lives

TweetShare I enjoy listening to teenagers. They have a lot to offer to society if we would only understand and listen to them.  They are valuable to society and we shouldn’t ignore their great potential. Recently, I worked with some teenagers in my Keys to Success Program (Anger Management Class). The program is designed to give teenagers strategies and encouragements to control their feelings and emotions when Mr and Mrs. Attitude and Temper (Mr and Mrs. A.T.) take control of them. They are taught that they are Mr. and Mrs. A.T. …

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[3 Mar 2011 | | ]
Simple Ways Parents Can Discipline A Teenager

TweetShareOne of the most challenging aspects of being a parent is disciplining a teenager when they have made wrong choices; especially when they have violated your trust.  Parents also struggle with who will be the disciplinarian when actually both should be. It is imperative that parents work in unison when it comes to discipline. If you don’t, the teenager will foster disagreement between their parents.
A teenager knows how to steal your heart with their eyes and pitiful looks when being disciplined.  Don’t give into the teenager unless you have strong …

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[7 May 2010 | | ]
Reasons Some Teenagers Become Angry

TweetShareIt’s amazing how often people get angry because of negative situations that touch their feelings the wrong way.  During a workshop, parents and youth workers discussed the reasons teenagers become angry.  Their responses are listed below.
Why do teenagers get angry? 

Lack of attention
Lack of support to help encourage the teenager to improve or better self
Lack of positive influences in their lives
Feeling their parents don’t understand or trust them
Being grounded for making wrong choices
Being disciplined through use of a time out from their friends or school functions, through losing the privilege to …

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[30 Mar 2010 | | ]
Learn From Parents:  The Reasons Teenagers Find Themselves in Trouble

TweetShareIn this article, you will find a list of reasons teenagers find themselves in trouble. A group of parents, in small groups identified many of the reasons.  Hopefully, this information will help you identify issues you are facing with your teenager and to seek the help they need to address the issues.
Reasons Teenagers Find Themselves in Trouble?

Peer pressure
Their Environment
Parents not checking in on him or her
Added stress of being a role model to their other siblings in the home
Too much free time
Not enough supervision
Insufficient things to entertain themselves
To get back …

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[26 Dec 2009 | | ]
Parents Must Understand Impact Their  Behavior Have on Children Development

In this article, you will read about two different cases and how the families contributed to the development of their child’s negative and or positive behavior. These cases listed are true but the names have been changed. If you are currently facing conflict with a rebellious child, your first priority is to evaluate your contribution to the situation.  The old saying “It takes two to tango is very true”.  Please seriously evaluate how you are responding and communicating to your children, especially when you are:

Dealing with aging parents
Discipline your children
Experiencing …